Our Best Offers for Canon and Konica Minolta

At present available RC machine models:

Currently offer is going on for Canon and Konical Minolta machines. As a dealer and distributor of RC photocopier machines in Chennai we offer following models: Canon 3300, 2525/2530 and KONICA MINOLTA 2264 / 364e, KONICA MINOLTA 452 / 552, KONICA MINOLTA 6000 and KONICA MINOLTA 6501/6500. These machines are good for environment and gives value for the business. The high resolution output and quality print is the plus of these machines. Technically these machines use high end technology like catridge-free and other techniques are also implemented. Print drum and toners are good quality and uses latest technology.

Features of Canon Machines

It has multifunction functionality, compact design, black and white printing facility and color scanning. It is truly modular system, increased productivity without compromises, superior image is always standard. It has advanced Input, throughput and output features, faxing more capable than stand-alone devices. It provides best solutions to your document and information management needs to drive greater level of productivity.

Features of Konica Minolta Machines

More than printing and scanning it has connectivity, communication, networking, sharing and management features. It reduces fax transmission cost, faster, simpler printing function, intuitive multifunctional operation, colorful control panel and it controls pdf functions. These machines are the hub of your operation for high-quality, high-quality imaging, high-speed output, and outstanding start-to-finish productivity.